Sunday, 10 October 2010

random character designs and preperation for 11 second animation

Here are some character designs i drew and using flash to draw the outlines then color them in, it "simplyfies" them. I personally liek this cartoon like art. Thats my goal, enter the cartoon industry and draw character designs, storyboards, post production OR ANIMATE by hand drawning. Over here we have a concept of a mad scientist, mutated ofcourse.

I have been watching a lot of "Flapjack" cartoons during the holidays and the first years introduced me to "Adventure Time with Finn and Jake". Both cartoons have the same artist

I like the art work, also i figured i should do less detail on my drawinsg so that my animation gets a bit easier.

What I am planning for is the "11 second animation" which is part of the course and an animation competition. These drawings are but one part of the preperation. I like this character because the 11 second voice (which is kinda creepy) fits in with this guy, even though he may not like much. I may change his skin colour and make him a bit hairy or skiny or bumps.

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