Sunday 17 March 2013

Flash: troll walk cycle

Attempting to do a walk cycle using Adobe Flash and testing to do a "cut out" style, by simply drawing every bit if arm, head, body and arm of the character. I drew this small little troll for an experiment.

I hence did a combination, all the body parts such as the arms, body and face were to be all converted as "symbols" or "objects" to which the drawings will stay just as they are. The legs I animated myself which makes a nice combination as it is they that move a lot more than the body which just bobs up and down.

Saturday 2 March 2013

Remember this?

Remember this? This is the project I am still working on for Lars Petersen who asks for tests or updates for the monster project. he has now changed the idea instead of everything being pixilated, I just animated it all on toon boom instead.

There will be 10 different monster transformation scenes, each a different monster roaring at the screen to you!

Current Update

For some time now I have not been updating my blog a lot. Personally because I am still trying to get my main project of Bath Time Trouble finished as soon as possible but it has been really difficult finding colour artists locally and through the Internet. Fortunately I have come across someone who can colour in shots for me which is good, then I clean up any editing along the way.

Here is a progress video's of this Shell & Paddy Project:

This is just a preview with sound.

I am quite ill at the current stage, suffering from Tonsillitis and it has and is not being kind to me when trying to eat and work :(