Tuesday 16 October 2012

Project Deep: Making a start on the animating

I asked Derek Hayes for some feedback of the project and grateful enough to get a start on some rough animating

This is of the main character, featuring in a black and white, silent cartoon scene.

Some small news of Shell and Paddy

Finally I have got my scanner and it works! Now I can scan my images and put them on the web. Here is some small news for Shell and Paddy. Backgrounds are well under way: (they will feature in this upcoming episode). These were sketched from the story board, coloured and improved upon by Joseph Hill


Next is a small update to the animatic/story-board of the episode "bath-time trouble": This change is when after Paddy sees an empty pool and turns his head left, we see the shot where Shell is running away from Paddy, still carrying his wash brush.

And finally, some small doodles I made in a note book. These images would be used for maybe two episodes that I have in mind. I have several idea of what to do and its good to either write them down or draw them.

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Well Aware that this blog needs some new stuff

I am fully aware that I need to update my blog, BUT right now I don't know how the scanners work at the Library at the AUCB University in Bournemouth where I have started my masters in animation.

What I can provide is some images of a project that I need to get in touch with the person

Gigglepotz; (project based by Shaz Lawrence)
The aliens I have drawn and how that have to appear

The small boy that is the star of this project

A cat, must be one of those "very much needed animal character"