Friday 16 March 2012

more recent artwork

Hello friends, I have been drawing in some new animals related to the world of Shell & Paddy. I have the intention of drawing thier enviornemnt, but for the moment here are just simple drawing I have done to keep me motivated in these stressful times.

 Here is a profile of me surrounded by what goes on in my mind. It helps you identify whta kind of person i may be.
This animal above has but one purpose, to run around and shout. All it does is rant at other animals, screaming at them for no reason, then runs off to find another to complain at. The teeth, which cleverly disguise it as a meat eater, are actually used to bite into the skin of a very hard fruit, of which it enjoys kicking the tree of which it blossoms from.
This one, by name looks like a turd, or poop. its actually lives in mud, especially in the rare swamp islands of the sea of desert. When there is no mud, they spend their time underground in wet, sloppy conditions. If unearthed, it looks like your digging out a huge pile of crap, when its actually just a fat, sweaty, brown skinned herbivore.

Thursday 1 March 2012

READ....if you dare

At the current moment in animation production, I am afraid I cant give you much details, will try and put something up, though i rather keep most of my material secret for future submissions into animation festivals.

In the meantime making a website, still a bit poopy at it, and trying to figure out how do they do all that stuff in flash, I will need some time to make it, seem to be distracted by work, and making a puppet, maybe the two weeks in Switzerland will help...or not....mass effect 3 DEEHHHH lol

sooooooooo go ask your teacher or tutor for some advice, and if its not what you wanted to hear or not productive enough...then figure it yourself.