Friday 24 May 2013

Monster Walk Cycle (Flash)

Just animated a monster walk cycle. Each part of the body, arms, legs and feet are all individual drawn parts, though the legs are the same just one size smaller than the other.

The monster looks silly and stupid lol. The tongue is hand animated. This is a nice exercise at animating a character with the use of puppet animation using Adobe Flash

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Work Experience; Backgrounds for KING BEE ANIMATION STUDIOS

Been working on animations as well as background art for KING BEE ANIMATION STUDIOS.
the first background here is just paint tests using water colour paints. The style is simple and inspired from the "Samurai Jack" backgrounds. The Project is called "Melody" and my role was to paint water colour backgrounds for an autumn scene

Images with a logo on it now belong to KING BEE ANIMATION STUDIOS

Designs for Shell & Paddy

Again I have been doing more drawings of Shell & Paddy, preparing for pitching. These images will be used to describe the clarity of the story, relationships and the characters.

Mother and Junior

You can clearly see the relationships for the characters here. You already know that Shell and Paddy are comical enemies.

Draft sketch