Tuesday 19 January 2010

link and pitcures

The link for youtube is a 2d walking cycle of a three legged machine that I am using in my Arta series, had to get the idea of how it moves first.

Some concept images I drew with ideas from my twin brother that we made for fun if it could go in the future of animation. Basically recreating the characters of a game in a new perspective for comedy in a medieval style.


Zarok and Fortesque

Monday 18 January 2010

Background detail of Hex Industries:

The outer area of a semi mining, engineering and metal work facility belonging to the Hexoright race. Basically, these are background images to the first scene I plan in Arta, one of many factories built by the Industrial world this one belongs to Hex, a millionaire who owns a small empire of wealth.

Here I drew the mining area with a large lift shaft for carrying the three-legged machines, slaves, guards and load.

Here is the front gate. Barbed wire and steel enforced.

One part of the interior, the scene in which we introduce Ood, the main character.

The Sewer tunnels where Ood escapes and meets Nog, the secondary-comic character.

Sunday 10 January 2010

Here is the first "pitch" or scene of Arta. Introducing the world in which the characters live in. the one legged mouse (despite the insect traits and features) replaces the crab insect because it represents one of the many minor animals struggling to survive in the harsh conditions by searching for food in the most unnatural of areas.

Here is sees the industry, hoping to get its luck. Later on we will follow this Vermin through the main parts of the industry and observe its surroundings.