Tuesday 31 July 2012

Olympic Event: Javelin Animation (upcoming)

Here is a preview of the short. After a few edits, new ideas and finally colouring, I have somewhat managed to put the animation together and finish cleaning the lines

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Deep: Character designs part 2

Looking back at the style of black and white 2D cartoon or "beano" style, here are the three thugs for the project DEEP. Unless they need re-designing by the director and or his superior or assistant.

I also prefer the title "Old Timey" to describe old black and white cartoons.

Gigglepotz: Paid Background Work

The Gigglepotz environment is a peaceful garden filled with tons of ceramic pots

I also may have uploaded this one before....in a previous post

Javelin Throw rough animation

Here is a rough animation test for an 2012 Olympic challenge: JAVELIN THROWING

Please ensure that you avoid throwing the javelin at anyone within range/target or audience...also avoid throwing it at your feet....its REALLY painful.

Commisioned for a certain Holly Bird.

Using Toon Boom and recording my own voice

Thursday 5 July 2012

2D early cartoon research

working on a volontary project called DEEP, one section involves early black and white cartoon research and started some drawings to get started.