Wednesday, 6 October 2010

summer experiment project

click on the title (link) Hand Drawn Caterpillar Animation Short

an animation short done for Silje Marie Kristiansen. ( who placed up a small art exhibition to the theme of "colors" down in Falmouth Town. Its on Kiligrew Street and looks nice from the inside. Unfortunately, there were a few setbacks. Firstly, I wished i could spend longer on the animation, adding background detail and more food for the caterpillar to eat and thus become its color. The deadline had been in late September but I was assured that i could place this frames in the small gallery. If i remember, she would use my animation as some title sequence for a website of the gallery. I hope something good turns out from it because i spent some of my summer doing this short frame by frame. I did not get any money for it but at least I have produced something for someone in or community.

On the whole it gave me some practice with the frame by frame technique and as i love drawing, i liked how i visulised it ^^

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