Monday, 26 October 2009


I have practiced with stop motion before and I personally enjoy all forms of this animation because it involves making the puppets and models. What I have done here are two tests of the animation technique of Pixilation from the Digital Animation Course.

I practiced with my pencil case through the software of "stop-motion pro". Here it involve the pencil case spitting out its contents and then sucking them back in if necessary. The second one involve the objects fighting each other and then a cardboard arm appears and attempts to impress us. This is but a test to see what else I can use for this particular animation skill.

We also watched several examples of Pixilation and one of them has a particular interest because of the technique. During one session, the course tutor presented us with a "Cut-out animation" of "Binky and Boo"by Derek Hayes in which it involves an old musical comedian looking back at his memories of himself and his old partner. Its the actual method of which I am interested in. See website link below:


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