Friday, 23 October 2009

Insect/Arthropod Faces

This part describes my interest for insects and arthropod designs. I quite like insects, also the fact because they have been living on earth for millions of years before us. Insects are considered inferior to most but to me I think of them much more superior to us. I watched the film "District 9" in which it involves an alien race referred as "prawns" have their ship stuck in mid hover above the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. The aliens resemble arthropod, extraterrestrial beings. They are given a home called district 9 but the human population has a few bad reactions. The story involves one human who will experience the aliens "point of view". I am impressed how they make them look sapient and the way their mouths move when they talk. I always have tried to imagine an insect talk through its mouth parts. It is very interesting to see such aliens could live in our community. (link of image:

I really like District 9, not for the human aspect of the story but of the insect-like aliens that struggle to live in a planet who judge everything by appearance. If such aliens would come on our world and would not harm us, I would accept them. Maybe the film is preparing us for such future events that could happen. Who knows...

The picture on the left here is a microscopic photograph of some unknown insect. The shape is somewhat similar to the "prawns" in District 9 so I drew up my own drawings. (link:

The drawings are aliens similar to that of the prawns from the film. I really enjoy drawing insects. I cannot give more reasons but I plan to use such concepts for future animation projects. Currently, most of my insect related drawings go back to my "ARTA" drawings (see previous blog posts). As District 9 is a live action film, it is in my very interest to see my own drawings in such an animation.

Here is some more drawings. For one assignment I was to draw life drawings of people and replace their heads with animal heads/faces. I started to look in depth of some insects but most faces are difficult to draw from.
To the right are some Ghost Crab face/head drawings, the picture was clearer and came from a library book about marine life.

To the left are some woodlouse drawings from the first 2d assignment, in which I have drawn them to appear sapient or human like. In the middle is an attempt to draw the face of a Mantis Shrimp.

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