Friday, 23 October 2009

Life Drawing

Here are six life drawings which were drawn in my Animation course of life drawing at Falmouth. Four are drawn from one man while the others are drawn for observation students in the Stannary.
I have done life drawing before two previous art and design courses, one from the International School of Geneva in Switzerland, the other during a foundation course in Poole. As described to me, life drawing is essential to all forms of art including animation so that the "character design" can get the right format or body movements and poses. The life drawings were done from different angles.

The one at the top is crouched onto a chair and the media is in soft pencil while the other is sitting and drawn in green ink pen.

These two images are drawings of students but with animal heads instead. The sketch-book assignment was that I had to enter a group and draw students through observational drawing.

I have a string liking for insects, arthropods, deep sea marine life and reptiles (crocodiles)

Media: Charcoal and soft pencil. The animal heads were found on the web and printed them out.

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