Friday, 21 December 2012

Pixel Monsters

Monster Project, Freelance Work
I was looking on the toon boom job site when I saw someone looking for a 2D artist. his name is Lars Petersen. He offered me a job in creating sprite animations using a combination of toon boom and photoshop. From my art style he liked the strange animals based around the world of Shell and Paddy. Bizarre animals led towards a freelance work. I thus will be animating each of these 10 cute animals that will suddenly turn into a hideous monster:
This art work is an old one back in 2010 where i drew a cute fluffy animal suddenly turns into a grotesque monster. This is what my contact has asked me to do, each cute monster will turn into something like this. He wants it for an iPad.
The best part is I can get paid just by animating monsters from my own art style.
This is a test of what my contact wants me to do. Slightly reminds me of the Pokemon battles, except that when cute monster turns into horrible monstrosity, the opposing monster runs away.

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