Thursday, 20 October 2011

small update, Thursday 20th Oct.

"Try living in a surreal world where everyone fights for survival and food. Here in this environment, Paddy; a low life scavenger finds an assorting meal which is Shell, a cute looking woodlouse whose shell protects him from anything with big teeth but maybe not hands. Hoping to find good protection, Shell finds a good spot for him to escape from any annoying predators. Unlucky for Paddy is that the chosen spot is a nest belonging to a protective and highly aggressive mother who won’t hesitate to beat up anyone approaching her brood. It’s a classic “prey and predator” game with slapstick moments in a weird animal world. Paddy won’t stop till he has a decent lunch while Shell is small enough to relax right next to the top of the food chain."
This is the "Wow" image for my project, idea was already decided, story board is complete, all I have to do now is take every single image from my camera and place it here. I like how the title of my project resembles the main characters.
This is a brief example of what the environment setting is like. A strange, surreal world composed of half desert and swamp, jungles.

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