Friday, 26 February 2010

Thomas Spettel
Live at Five report

The day began when I woke up at 8 o'clock, unfortunately I had no accurate idea of what time me and my chosen team of the animation course was supposed to be in the animation studio for "live at five". I managed to get there on time, a few minutes of waiting before the main person responsible for giving us the assigned material arrived. I chose the category of sport along with my partner Tom Gameson. Our job was to create the results of two sports in after effects. A simple" "present results" table in which we had to type up the recorded results of each sports team.
Our main team leader was Scott Wiley. He would make sure we were focused upon our tasks. He also was responsible for giving out addition tasked assignments for the sports category. I am not much of special effects person and I am more of a beginner. It is not my main area in animation but I learned some new tips from the tutor Pete and my partner which helped me complete what I was tasked for. Me and Tom even managed to sneak in two pictures of chickens into the after effect, next to the score board.
That was what I had to complete for the day, not to stressful and quite pleasant. The whole team did fine on their work, mainly because Brian had already made some stuff for after effects in advance. It juts took a very long time to render the weather bit on his old laptop. But in whole, I think the team did well, with some chicken placed humor.
Once everything was done, we were able to watch it on the Live Falmouth news of "live art five". At first they just showed the regular news, and our stuff was placed last. What was amusing was an error during the live. At one point, in the "Bing drinking" report when the words said "overdose causes of drinking can lead to..." and at that moment, the still image of cows appeared. Now would that mean, that overdose of drinking would eventually lead to an "udder fate". I do not know precisely what the technical error was but the crew managed to get everything sorted out and back on track. Another thought of amusement was that they did not notice the two chickens me and Tom had purposely placed in the sports result scores.
All in all it was amusing at the end, because we knew this would be placed "live". true, the news is an important matter but as animation students, we cannot resist comedy.

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