Friday 30 October 2009

More cubie animation practice

The next assignment was to animate the "cubie" character. At the same time we had to add another character to interact with the cubie. The 2D has a small cubie jumping up to the big one only to see that he is not welcome. The 3D from the software "Maya" has the cube jump on a sphere the moment it enters the scene.

Here are some practice drawings of the movements and actions of the cube characters. From these drawings I can fully understand the character's emotion, exaggeration, line of action and body language. It also shows the anticipation of the characters from the way they react to each eacher similar to the Pxar Lamps animation. The 2D animation took exactly 51 frames. Despite the fact it is just a cube with no arms I am animation, I am still fascinated by the animation course and what it is teaching me. I probably still need to practice with the timing for the 2d cubie jumping.

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