Wednesday 14 October 2009

The Drawing Continues

After the stop motion of OOD, I wanted to contine with further improvement such as more scenes, events after he escaped, more characters and introdcing the wildlife of ARTA. I want to commence the very beggining of this project as a series or films with Ood's introdction to the world outside Hex Industires.
There are more drawings of possiblie wildlife of Arta in another sketchbook. This is just a preview. To the right are woodlouse like creatures. The small ones are called weevils since they can eat of farm foods such as corn. The sapien ones are caterpillar shaped and resembling to the giant insects from the japanese animation: "Valley of the Wind".
The other picture is what could be a ruined temple thus introducting the history of Arta. At the same time I though up of new additions to the villans such as flying mounts and machines.

This tall four legged machine was inspired from the tall robot like forms from "War of the Worlds". This design however, has four, skinny legs instead of three. Its smaller too because of having maybe one or two pilots in it but these machines can still reach above forests.

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