Wednesday 17 April 2013

Current Work Experience

I am doing in my time some work experience for a studio called "King Bee Animation Studios". I believe it is an independent studio up in London:

I began animating for King Bee on April8th 2013, and still on-going.

I cant reveal a lot but the studio are working on a pitch idea and have asked me to do animate some characters as test shots.

Here is a very brief rough version on one of the animated characters. The animated project they have in mind is called "Soap City", a mix of comedy and soap/drama opera where animated animal characters, each depicting their own life, family issues and other teen problems. The rough vid shows as what my contact calls, an aggressive version of mickey mouse, high pitched voice and has anger management.

Here is another test, of a "man-dog". I think it is rather funny and ironic that a man is seen as a dog attacking a postman who is a dog.
Here is the fill coloured version

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