Thursday 8 November 2012

Shell & Paddy: bath-time trouble episode animated roughs

Getting a start on the Shell & Paddy episode of "bath-time trouble" I made two animated roughs to get myself started. And I am glad they work and I have the main character animation. (Any comments would be apriciated) I can get started on doing other roughs or see if possible I can ask others from the BA course here in bournemouth to help, but woth my MA program and I dont exactly know how free are the other students...might as well see.

Benn talking to Joseph Hill last night who is still improving on the backgrounds and will help me develop roughs as well through Drop Box. Good system too.

Here are the videos:

Here we have Paddy being introduced in this shot as he spots Shell and sneaks off scren towards our little hero.

This one is when Shell reacts to Paddy's surprise. The gag here is that as he is having a shower, he covers himself up with a leaf like a towel. Wouldn't you quickly grab the nearest thing and cover yourself up if someone was to surprise you while you were bathing. (It was Joe's Idea)

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