Saturday 30 June 2012

Animated Sheep Shearing

Hey all. I am back In switzerland right now. Just travelled last Thursday, wondering why everytime I do fly back that there is always some kind of stupid delay, and will be relaxing and enjoying good weather and see If i can make a few animations (hopefully not too distracted) before flying off to Bournemouth for my masters in October.

Here is a animation I made for a competition promoted by Aardman on a site;
Which is all about the country side in the United Kingdom.

Enjoy as a sheep gets sheared on his backside by a pig. The main thing was to select the sounds that were uploaded onto the site, download them and experiement with them. Dont know the result but I enjoyed animating this.

I will see if I can do some more Shell & Paddy material but I have a few small projects that I have volonteered myself up with.

I am trying to do one thing at a time so I wont get too stressed even dueing the holidays.

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