Sunday 28 November 2010

Firstly I enjoyed making my pixilation from the music choice downloaded of the internet, learning space. at first i was nervous because i was given the 11 second and the experimental project at the same time so I was not sure if i would complete both on time. So I planned to work at home dring the weekends.

I had started planning and cutting, painting and drawing in October so that I would have time as well to work on my 11 second project. My main idea was making a animated charcater ot of cardboard and make it walk around the rooms of my flat and the studio. The idea of cardboard material was inspired by an animator who made a similar animation with various different cut ot characters.

( i apolagize if the link is not correct, my laptop is sick and needs to be properly fixed one day)

I really like his idea but wanted to do something of my own design. Doing the stop motion in cardboard was fun, it reminds me of when I made sculptures out of cardboard back in my old school for my exhibition of 2008.

I did however misjudge the number of frames captured. I took to many pictures and could not get all of the recorded clips onto the main vedio. But with what I have produced I think it works because of the crawling and walk of the bug and main character walking into a box.

I will put up the other clips to show what else i have done during he weekends of work.

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