Friday 27 November 2009

During one part of my course, i was filmed walking. Here I was to explore the phase of an animated walk based on myself. To get more of a personality. A normal wlak, and a enthusiastic or proud walk after wards.

I prefer doing my animations 2D because of my love for drawing. Also because it seems easier. I did the first walk with 6 frames per leg movement, so it looked like a fast walk. Here I was looking at time again.

this one is a normal walk, I added 2 frames for each leg movement making it 8 frames for each leg.

For a Pixilation practice, I made a three finger hand out of card as a cut out animation. Unfortunately, the camera was a bit unstable and the fingers were too fiddly so movement was a bit complicated but it gave me a general idea of what to use in the future.

What I could do is use the hand to interact with another character or the hand could be the close-up of something else. I designed the hand to resemble a robotic hand. I thought having three fingers would give it a mysterius and creepy atmosphere.

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